About Us

HydroLogex LLC was formed in 2009 and licensed the manufacturing and marketing of the patented EnviroFilter™ technology. We recognize the value of using modern evolving materials and science to continue to develop products and systems to address the growing need for reliable, cost-effective onsite wastewater treatment systems on challenging sites.

Today HydroLogex has established core competencies in the areas of attached growth product technology and application support. With over 75 years of combined experience in industrial marketing and manufacturing, with a focus in specialty materials, filtration, and the construction industry, HydroLogex brings together the skills and expertise to capitalize on the public’s growing concern, and willingness to invest, in the achievement of reliably clean wastewater that will not harm land, stream or groundwater resources.

HydroLogex Management Team:

Richard B. Bruno


David E. Rousse
Board Member / Senior Advisor