EnviroFilter™ Reference Installations

Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.
Rocky Point, North Carolina
EnviroFilter™ 1,200 gpd
PRMF Wastewater Treatment System

Cincinnati Thermal Spray, an industrial facility in Rocky Point, NC had a failed onsite wastewater system and was in danger of being closed down. The county economic development office and the company investigated wastewater disposal options, but because of the poor soils in the area a conventional septic system could not be utilized. The company discovered the EnviroFilter™ package wastewater treatment system that, due to its excellent treatment capabilities, could be used to solve the problem of onsite wastewater disposal.

A 1,200 gpd EnviroFilter™ fiberglass treatment unit was installed along with a new primary treatment (septic) tank, effluent disposal storage tanks, effluent pump station, and surface drip irrigation disposal field in 2003. The system has been operating successfully since that time in compliance with regulatory discharge requirements.