EnviroFilter™ Secondary Wastewater Treatment System

The EnviroFilter is an Attached-Growth Bioreactor for treating residential strength wastewater to advanced secondary levels of cleanliness. We use an engineered nonwoven textile as the attachment media which provides a very high level of surface area for the bioreactor process to occur, and enables us to "package" the EnviroFilter into a tank that fits into a very efficient footprint (US Patents 6,132,599; 6,616832; 6,974,536 and other patents pending).

These systems are cost effective and simple to install, operate and maintain. They are responsive to variable flows, providing consistent effluent quality from start-up flows to maximum design capacity. The EnviroFilter's efficient process produces very clean effluent (under 5 mg/L TSS and BOD; under 1 mg/L Ammonia) that can be used to recharge aquifers through subsurface soil disposal or discharged directly to surface waters with appropriate disinfection. Where nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels need to be extremely low, the system can easily incorporate additional processing.

There are over 300 EnviroFilter systems installed, with some in service since 1998 (see Completed Projects). The system has proven effective in communal, municipal and commercial applications that face challenging site issues (e.g., poor soil or limited land area), and are exceptionally cost-effective in applications needing to process 1,000 to 100,000 gallons/day. We make individual EnviroFilter package units in sizes up to 12,500 gallons/day and use multiple tanks for larger applications, so systems can be scaled in size and in development, providing benefits in design and initial capital cost outlay.

For more details on the EnviroFilter product and its technology, see the following sections:

 Please take a look and compare us to other wastewater treatment and recycling options. We are confident you won't find a better performing system for your money than the EnviroFilter.


  • Can eliminate unsightly mounds in the yard from a septic tank soil disposal system;
  • Can eliminate drainfield set asides, provide a 40% reduction in the primary field, and waive secondary fields in some jurisdictions;

  • Simple to install, pre-assembled packaged wastewater treatment and disposal system that reduces construction issues and provides outstanding quality control;

  • Among the lowest operational and maintenance costs in the wastewater treatment business;

  • Installed pricing is typically much less than competing site-built recirculating media systems;

  • Odor free, natural treatment system uses no chemicals and does not require regular cleaning or replacement of the media;

  • Two year warranty and service and maintenance contracts available;

  • Built in water storage capacity protects soil drainage fields from hydraulic loading surges;

  • High quality effluent and time dosing protects soil drainage fields from hydraulic and organic overloading;

  • Innovative textile media and attached growth process prevents effluent quality and maintenance problems during periods of no or low usage such as vacation periods or school summer recess;

  • System is operational during shutdown and vacation periods requiring no additional system start-up time, bacteria dosing, or maintenance;

  • Better and more uniform effluent quality than suspended growth aerobic treatment systems (ATU's), peat, or foam media systems;

  • System is aerobic for organic and ammonia reduction, with additional treatment for optional anoxic denitrification if required;

  • Due to effluent quality, soil treatment is reduced and effluent can be utilized for reuse applications in some jurisdictions;

  • Simple and quick retrofits for existing failed and malfunctioning systems;

  • Optional digital microprocessor systems available to monitor system operations and to communicate with service personnel when there is an impending hardware failure.