The highlight of the Hydrogen water cup

1. What are the specific benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water from the Hydrogen Spring cup?
2. How does the technology of the Hydrogen Spring cup compare to other hydrogen water cups on the market?
3. Are there any potential risks or side effects associated with inhaling hydrogen using the cup’s inhalation set? What is the cost of the Hydrogen Spring hydrogen water cup? The critical points for hydrogen-rich hydrogen-rich water cup functional product upgrades are here.

Hydrogen Spring has provided users a positive experience by continuously upgrading and optimizing hydrogen water cups. This also made us realize that we can only progress by constantly upgrading and iterating our products and services. Let’s talk about the benefits of upgrading to hydrogen water cups.

The highlight of the Hydrogen Spring hydrogen water cup is that it serves three purposes. The hydrogen water cup allows you to drink water at work, inhale hydrogen at home (hydrogen inhalation set), and travel with a hydrogen water treasure. It can be used to generate hydrogen with any mineral water bottle.

1. Technology for high-pressure hydrogen dissolution

The hydrogen spring water cup employs a PEM hydrogen generator based on Canadian pem technology and can produce hydrogen quickly, even in high-pressure environments. The rigid cup body is made of South Korean materials that can withstand 25 kg air pressure and dissolve hydrogen into water. A pressure relief valve is built into the cup cover. No matter how high the pressure is, the cup body will not crack, ensuring hydrogen production even under extreme pressure.

2.7 platinum plating layers

Platinum is commonly used in human implants like dentures. After being energized, it remains stable and prevents metal molecules from leaking into the water.

3. High hydrogen production concentration

The gap between the bubbles is small in micro-nano hydrogen bubble technology, more hydrogen bubbles can be accommodated in the same amount of air, and the hydrogen concentration is naturally high.

4. Separation of hydrogen and oxygen

Water containing pure hydrogen is safer. It uses Canadian double-chamber hydrogen production technology and a DuPont platinum filter membrane from the United States to discharge impurity-free gas, leaving only rich hydrogen to dissolve in water. Each water cup has an independent number printed on the bottom, and each water cup can be traced to ensure product quality and humanity.

A waterproof plug is added to the USB charging port, adding an extra layer of protection, safer and more intimate use, a touch key switch, no water seepage, and more intelligence.

Only a few manufacturers worldwide can currently produce high-concentration hydrogen-rich water cups. Hydrogen Spring hydrogen-rich water cups use superior production and technology to ensure high hydrogen concentration in hydrogen-rich water cups hydrogen and oxygen separation without residual chlorine and ozone, and you can use it with confidence.

Author: Johnson Alexander

Meet Johnson Alexander, a water treatment specialist with a M.A, degree in Bio Chemistry. He has experience working with cell lines and conducting bioassays, including handling 96 well-plates, serial dilutions, and multi-channel pipettes. Johnson's expertise ensures accurate water sample analysis and effective treatment methods. With a strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills, he is dedicated to providing safe and clean water solutions for communities. Johnson's passion for continuous learning and staying updated in the field makes him an invaluable asset in water treatment initiatives.